So I just finished watching the movie The Little Prince. Yeah. I know. I’m a bit late. I’ve been hearing this movie all over the news program that our cafeteria tunes into, France24. Yep. It’s Africa and we watch French News Program.

I read this book 10 years ago. I’m not sure if it was on my first or third year in Highschool. And I’m not even sure now if it’s a reading assignment or what. But I can remember our English teacher lending us a copy of the book. She also shared that she gives it as a gift to her friends. I also tried giving this book as a gift.

The book is 180 pesos in the Philippines. The English version. But I can’t remember buying it for myself. I have the French version though. I bought it in a bookstore in Dakar last year. It costs 4000 FCF (7 USD). The book is originally in French and got translated into different languages. Even the movie is originally in French.

I won’t spoil the story or anything but it is really is a timeless book. It is originally written for children but this book has something more. Even as an adult, I was touched. It’s really sad how the way we see the world as we grow up. I hope we can forever see life from the eyes of a child. We are always busy with our daily hectic lives that we sometimes forget what really matters.

A line from the book got me thinking about life. I even put this on my laptop:

“On ne voit bien qu’avec le coeur. L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.” 

So I’ll just leave this right here:

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”



34 thoughts on “Le Petit Prince| Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

  1. This is a great book. I loved reading it. I would love to read it again. I also like the short anecdote of Antoine de Saint-Exupery during World War in the book Chicken soup for the soul. I guess, we should never really stop being a kid at heart. Gives a whole new perspective.

  2. I think I read somewhere that Antoine wrote this book after the war. He was a pilot. Not sure but this book really gives a different view in life. Watch the movie! I had the chance to watch the movie in my flight from Dubai to Manila but didn’t continue because I knew that I will be crying the whole time.

  3. Aww… too bad.. you could just pretend you’re sleeping or have a cold… or something. 😛

    Does the movie have subtitles? Wanna watch it when i get a chance.

  4. Oh i see… i just prefer it to be in the original language and have subtitles. I’m a slow reader but i like listening to the accents, tones and languages. It orients me.

    I got addicted to Detective Conan (Anime! LOL!) and watched it on YouTube for days. I admit I’m catching up on Nippongo (Japanese). I’m learning phrases everyday.:) I would love that to be the case in French, Italian and Spanish.. AS if!

  5. Me too! But I hate watching Anime with subtitles. My focus. Ugh. But I’m trying to watch more animes now. Watch. Mirai Nikki. It’s only 26 episodes. What I hate about French is the pronounciation. It’s very different on the way its written. But the French language is very nice. But also complicated.

  6. Di ba? Kairita. Haha. I’ve been working in a French speaking country for over a year now and I survived with too much gestures and with my broken French. I want to learn French like read books etc but I’m just too lazy. But at least I can greet them in French. Pangarap ko pa man ding magpunta sa Paris sa future. Kung kaya ng budget. Haha

  7. kaya yan… bakit naman hindi? we all expect the worse when it comes to traveling. Basta stick to the budget, you’ll be okay.

  8. depende yata sa kung gano ka katagal dun. From what my colleague said, you only need around 2K pesos a day, air ticket, and a hotel booking para makapag-apply ng schengen visa. So if your stay is 3 days, you need at least 6K, hotel stay and air ticket.

  9. Ai oh? Wow. Di naman pala masakit sa bangs yung 2k a day. Sana pwede tayo magstay ng 1 month ganyan. Kainis kasi ang hina passport natin. Hassle yang mga visa visa na yan.

  10. Oo. Nasa labas pa din ako ngayon. 5 years kasi training period namin. 😭 Pero baka meron naman kaming cert na excemptd kami sa tax ganyan. Not sure. Kasi nakapunta naman na ako sa Japan dati. May visa din. Pero company kasi naglalakad.

  11. i see… bakit di ka magparegister sa OWWA, POEA, etc.? Direct hire din naman ako. dito na ako sa embassy nag-apply ng ganyan. para maexempt ka na.

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