I never liked malls. JK. I used to love them before but we grew apart. Like you and your first bestfriend.

The realization started when my training in Cavite commenced. We lived in a dorm and we barely go to the malls. After that, I was assigned in a remote island somewhere in Antique. I’m surprised that there were no malls there. I thought every other block of Philippine soil has one of them malls.

When I went to Japan for training, they have decent amount of malls really. Not too much unlike in the Philippines. Then I was assigned in Burkina Faso. There are no malls whatsoever in the capital. What more here on site.

Maybe Robin Sparkles will hate me for this but I realized that I can live without going to the mall. At least for now.

But for my retail therapy, I discovered a more convenient way of shopping for goods which is Online Shopping. So in this blog post, I will share my favorite Online Stores.

RHOB Designs

My GUTOM shirt fro RHOBdesigns. They also have a Puneta shirt with a photo of Heneral Luna

I don’t own a lot of Tshirts until I discovered this website. Their designs are great. They have fandom merch like Harry Potter, 90s kids, Heneral Luna and Aldub. They have decently priced goods which are really affordable and the transactions are really fast. I think I ordered like 80% of their Tshirt designs.


They have great selections too. They are like local version of Threadless in the Philippines. Artists can just upload their designs and this site make those happen. The transactions are acceptable and the prices are great.


Maybe the best Online gadget store in the Philippines. They have lesser selections compared to Kimstore or Widget City but with Youpoundit, you can have that sense of security. I ordered from Kimstore back in 2013 but I didn’t enjoy the experience. But I heard they have improved service now.

Bookdepository and AbeBooks

Some of the books that I bought from Bookdepository and AbeBooks

This is the place to be to order those precious books you’ve been dreaming of. If you are too busy and not really in a hurry, try ordering from these Online Book Stores. I’m not sure if they’re connected but if the book is not available in Bookdepository, it will suggest you to check AbeBooks for the availability. What is nice from Abebooks is they offer used books for sale. I bought a complete set of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit for leas than 400 PHP. And what I like about Bookdepository is that they have vast selection of book covers and they provide discounts and bargains too. And the best part is they have free delivery to anywhere in the world. And free bookmarks! Everybody loves free stuff right?


This is the most artsy Clothing shop that I discovered online. I bought a bunch of t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts from them. Bonus is that they were on sale the time that I ordered. Their price range that time is from 4 USD to 10 USD. What a steal right? And hurry! they have a new Star Trek collection

Old Navy

My favorite Star Wars shirt from Old Navy

I’m secretly a Star Wars fan. Why secret? Secret. Lol. So I have a membership on their site and I received a newsletter one day. They released a Star Wars merch just in time for Episode VII. I bought at least five of them and oh boy they’re not cheap. The price range is from 10 USD to 25 USD. I ordered without really thinking. So there’s regret afterwards but it’s Star Wars. You can never go wrong with Star Wars.


Most of my GoPro accessories are from GoPole. I ordered during the Black Friday Sale. They have a promo if you buy a certain amount and they will give you freebies. I’m a sucker for freebies so I bought a Monopod, a timelapse mount and an adapter. I got a small monopod, a lens cleaner, and a tripod for free. It cost around 100 USD and over 50 USD worth of freebies.


My favorite Online Store so far. They have everything. Believe me. Everything. I ordered like 70% of my travel gear from Amazon. From my backpack, shoes, GoPro, external hard drives, shoes to towels, packing cubes, labelers and many more. I think I ordered more than I can afford. No regrets. I ordered those stuff during my birth month to feel less guilty with my spending. I’m sure my family was surprised when there were three big boxes that arrived in our door steps a couple of weeks after.

The main problem that I encountered in ordering from US based Online shops is the shipping cost. Some of them won’t even ship outside of the US. Then I discovered LBC Shipping Cart. They’re basically a forwarding company. Just register and use your personalized US address that will be given to you. It’s their warehouse I think. So when you order from one of these Online shops, use your new address, now LBC will email you if your goods have arrived already and you have the option to ship it via Air or Sea. For Air Shipping it takes 7-10 days and for Sea shipment is 45-60 days. The shipping cost is affordable also compared to other forwarding company. And I trust the LBC brand so I feel secure for my goods.

You can just visit their websites here for more details.

Don’t get me wrong. Malls really have more to offer compared to their online counterparts. They have cinemas, restaurants, gym, and other recreational activities. But I’m in that stage of my life that I only want food deliveries and movies watched straight from my laptop. Yes. I’m pathetic like that. It feels like going to the mall is a chore for me right now.

12 thoughts on “Shopping Malls are so 2013

  1. Di ko na matandaan exactly eh. Pero paranh kinuha ko dati sa post office at pinagbayad ako ng certain amount na dapat di na kailangan. Yung bookdepository eh sa address na at walang dagdag sa bayad.

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