For the past couple of years, I’ve been planning to get a tattoo. I even wrote it to my very moldy 2014 Starbucks Planner but it didn’t happen until late December 2016.

My first attempt to get a tattoo was last April 2016 for my home leave in the Philippines. It wasn’t successful because I was too busy with my travels. So I said to myself, I need to get it done before I turn 25. I even rebooked some of my flights just to make way for this tattoo appointment. That’s how I want to get it done so badly.

As for my tattoo design, I chose a minimalist pine tree which was custom made by my artist, Mr. Joseph Tadifa. So why Pine Tree? It was actually a wink wink on my second home, Baguio City which is also known as the city of Pines. Also it happens that Komatsu, my current company, literally translates from Japanese as ‘small pine tree’. And in our camp here on site in Burkina Faso, which I consider as my second country, we have pine trees lining up along the dirt road. So that would be my pine tree reference. But a tree tattoo in general, I would like to think that this would be my growth as a person.

Almost two months from my tattoo session, my tattoo is way fully healed and I am thinking of getting another one. Actually immediately after my first session, an idea entered to my mind to get another ASAP. So this March, i will be getting another tattoo done.

Also, I made a vlog for this tattoo session. You can check the video below:

If you are looking for a tattoo artist, you can try Mr. Joseph Tadifa, a Baguio-based award-winning tattoo artist. You can view his portfolio on all social media platforms with the hashtags #skink #skinartbyjoseph #skinked. You can contact him on instagram @josephtadifa or message him through his Facebook account (just search Joseph Tadifa). Or call/text him: +639176590909 | +639985320416