Okay. Actually not really new now but a couple of months ago, it was new. Believe me. I just haven’t got the time to blog it yet but here it is. A blog post dedicated to my new tattoo.

But for those of you who didn’t know, It’s my second tattoo already. I even made a blog and a vlog for my first one. See, I’m dedicated with my tatts like that. You can check out the blog here and for the vlog here.

My first tattoo.

I got this tattoo to commemorate the completion of my assignment in Burkina Faso. I spent the last two years working in Africa for my training and I’m really proud of what I’ve done. My mere survival from that place makes me high with pride. The past two years haven’t been too kind to me. I experienced the unimaginable, almost died, and got to a point of quitting. But all is over now. I’m alive (and mostly bored) and ready to tackle my next African country any day this month.

Okay so back to my tattoo. Everytime one would ask the meaning of my tattoos, I wouldn’t normally indulge them with the true meaning. But you’re in for a treat my friend. One time only, the meaning of my second tattoo.

A couple of months before my appointment for my tattoo, I’ve been stressing on the design. I wanted a tribaly-African-thingy inspired design. I also wanted a Harry Potter inspired tattoo.

My design. Lol.

I ended up choosing this rose trio design. This is actually an homage to my mother and two sisters. I’m not sure if it’s their favorite flower but I would take them as rose-lovers. Initially, I wanted the flowers to be of different sizes and colors but my artist has a different thing in mind. He treated the flowers differently. One is pointillism, the next is realistic and the other is geometric which gave the roses identity. The colored part gives them a common ground. Despite of being different on their own, they still have one thing in common which is my family.

Finished product.

I truly trust my artist when it comes to his ideas. He wouldn’t be called the artist for nothing so I normally give him the artistic freedom with the design. And I’m pretty happy with the outcome of both of my tattoos.

Also, I’m planning to get another one before my deployment to Uganda but I’m still saving up for it and no designs yet. I’m thinking of a geometric lion or tiger. Maybe a hummingbird.

So if you’re looking for a credible, award-winning tattoo artist, check out Joseph Tadifa. You can check his portfolio through his instagram here or his facebook here. Better book your appointments early. His one hell of a busy guy.

14 thoughts on “LIFE UPDATE: I Got A New Tattoo

  1. Heyyy!!! It’s been a while since I’ve visited your blog. I’m excited for you as you start fresh in a new country. But, don’t you miss home??? Uwi na!

  2. Actually andito pa ako sa Pinas ngayon. Naubusan na ng activities kaya nakapapagblog ulit habang nagaantay ng sched.

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