After my last tattoo in June, I’ve been itching to get another one. The problem is I’m out of the country so I cannot get my new tattoo done from my trusted tattoo artist in Baguio City, Philippines.

Two weeks upon arrival in Uganda, I started researching on the best tattoo artists in Uganda. Unfortunately, the tattoo scene in Uganda is still booming so there are only few options for the artist. I’ve been stalking the Instagram and Twitter accounts of these artists until I found the perfect artist style that fit my existing tattoos.

Getting in touch with the artist is pretty easy. They’re just one Whatsapp away. But the hard thing is conceptualizing a design. I knew that I wanted a new tattoo but picking out a design really stressed me out.

I started thinking about the design. Do I want a Harry Potter inspired tattoo again? Maybe a Le Petit Prince tattoo? Or African inspired? So it occurred to me, what about a crested crane tattoo? The symbol of Uganda. Sort of. Also to commemorate my first month here in the country.

So I pitched my concept to the artist. He said he can do a black and grey realism. But I was thinking of a geometric tattoo so it can match my old tattooes. I sent him photos of my existing tattoos and after a couple of days, he sent me this design:

I was amazed and surprisingly, I like it. So I scheduled my appointment and we agreed with the price. I don’t negotiate with the price normally because i respect the artist’s value for his work.

So after a grueling 4 hours, we’re done with the session. Let’s see when it heals if the tattoo still looks good.

For tattoo needs in Kampala, Uganda contact:
Moses Rallo
Ink256 Tattoo Shop
Crane Plaza near Quepasa: Mexican Cantina.
Check out their Instagram
Whatsapp: +256700885246| +256751895235

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