If you’re a reader of my blog, maybe you’re all aware now that I’m living in Uganda for the next couple of years. I’m not a political person. Sometimes I voice out my opinions to my friends but never in my social media. But I’m trying to stay woke. I may not express my political beliefs out to the world regularly, I see to it that I’m for the greater good.

To give you a background on what’s happening in Uganda, some Members of the Parliament are pushing to eradicate the age limit of of the President. Of course, there’s the opposition. And the debates are utter chaos including violence and forced arrests.

So as a Muzungu in Uganda, I can say that I have an exterior view for this issue because I’m not directly affected. So as to my opinion, this motion to remove the age limit of the president is irrelevant and self-serving.

So I’m living with three Ugandans. All of them are against this age limit thingy. Even our helper does not approve this motion. Imagine, this president is in position since 1986. That’s 31 years mothafuckas! Imagine: 31 years in power. Who wouldn’t let go of power if you have it for that long.

You see, there will be an election on 2021. Currently, President Museveni is 73 years old. If we do the math, he will be at 76/77 years come the next election. So with the current constitution, he cannot run for re-election.

I’ve been watching debates all week long and one of the arguments is this age limit thingy is a discrimination to people who are 76 years and older. Like WTF. How many 76ers president hopefuls are there? Like in the history of Ugandan Independence, how many 76 years and older who tried to run for presidency? If the limit is such a big deal or a “discrimination”, why amend now not before? This motion is very convenient fo the incumbent president. Talk about a tailor-made constitutional amendment for one person.

Take note also that they amended the constitution to remove the term-limits last 2005. And now this. I don’t know why the parliament passed this amendment. For sure they anticipated this new motion to amend the constitution again. Like duh! News flash: the President’s been playing with you all this time.

And they even compare the situation to that of the United States. Not totally sure if the US President has age limit but I’m pretty sure they can just run for two terms. The Ugandan President is in position for 31 years. 31 years in power. LET THAT SINK IN.

It is also notable that since the Independence of Uganda, there’s no peaceful transfer of power yet. So maybe we shouldn’t expect any peaceful power transfer anytime soon.

From the looks of it, this chaos will continue. The unlawful arrests, intimidation, show of power and the attacks. The opposition is the minority in the parliament. Let’s see if they can convince these stupid mothafuckas to junk this amendment.

PS. I’m very sorry for this random rambling. I’m just so stressed right now and I need to get this off my chest. More good vibe posts soon.

Follow the events: #Agelimit #Togikwatako on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Opinion | Ugandan Presidential Age Limit Thingy

  1. This reminds me a bit of Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe has ruled that country for 37 years, and he’s way into his 90s!

    I understand that a lot of Ugandans have some sort of disdain against their politicians pulling off a fast one, given that they’ve been through Idi Amin and Museveni (as you mentioned in this post) has been President for more than three decades now.

  2. Also I think a good fraction of Ugandans have no access to the news because they live in the village and electricity is still a problem. And these people, mostly the uneducated are very gullible. They treat Museveni as their savior. Weird. He’s in power for decades and the growth of the country’s very negligible. I visited far flung areas in the country and poverty is a big problem in Uganda.

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