You know how much I love The Little Prince. No? Well you can read my other post right here. Let’s go back to that time I almost cried while watching the movie while onboard my flight from Dubai.

So there, I got a new tattoo. This is the second time that I got a tattoo influenced by my love for books. The first one is a Harry Potter wand.

Before getting the tattoo, I have three tattoo concepts. The first one is the snake who swallowed a whole elephant. I think this design is a good conversation starter. The second one is when the little prince joined the migration of birds to travel. And the last would be my favorite line from the book and I want it in French.

I opted for the second design. Maybe I’ll just get the other concepts when I have the budget.

I decided to go for another tattoo artist. I’m currently searching for the best artist in Uganda who I can trust my future tattoos. By doing so, I need to try the works from a number of them.

This makes my fifth tattoo and I can say that the tattoo rates here is relatively more expensive than that of the artists in the Philippines. This is because the tattoo culture in Uganda is still new and there’s only a handful of artists here.

If you’re planning on getting a tattoo in Kampala Uganda, you can checkout this guy:

Blackink UG
Instagram – Blackink UG
Instagram – Sizzy Younging
Whatsapp: +256785280330

13 thoughts on “LIFE UPDATE: Got a Le Petit Prince Tattoo

  1. meron na kong isa, baybayin, ung sunod balak ko ung mandala saka motherhood symbol saka ung location ng hospital kung san ko pinanganak babies ko hahaha, andami 😛

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