Rolex is a famous Ugandan street food which is made out of an egg or two sandwiched in a roll of chapati. Chapati or roti is a type of flat bread which originated from India but it is widely popular in this part of the globe because of the huge Indian population in East Africa.

It’s called rolex because the chapati and the scrambled egg is rolled (just guessing here lol). The price starts at 1500 UGX for street shops and up to 10000 UGX in restaurants. It’s sold all throughout the day.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been eating rolex for breakfast almost everyday. Due to our busy schedule, we always leave the house very early but we see to it that we stop by a rolex stand before our destination. It’s a very simple dish. It’s cheap but very filling.

So if you are planning to visit Uganda anytime soon, please squeeze rolex hunting in your itinerary. Not much of a hunt really because you can find it in every district, town or trading center in Uganda.

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