New Japanese Friends | Baguio City, Philippines

Baguio may be considered as my second home now. I’m originally from La Union, transferred to Laguna, and now living in Burkina Faso in West Africa. But still, Baguio has that soft spot in my heart. Came to Baguio to study in the University for five years. And built some of the greatest friendships that I still cherish up to now.

So for my Home Leave in the Philippines, of course I wouldn’t miss visiting Baguio. I stayed in Tala Guesthouse for a couple of nights. Tala is managed by two lovely Japanese ladies and is situated near the Baguio tourist destinations and surrounded with pine trees which is quite a nice touch.

During my stay, I met a Japanese couple and befriended them. We were the only guests at the guesthouse that time and one morning I swapped stories with Sho and invited him with Misato and my friend Jenny for breakfast before their travel to Manila that morning.

We ate at the Cafe by the Ruins Dua and really enjoyed the food while exchanging stories and future travel plans. They also invited us to visit Japan someday and promised to become our hosts.

You know, these are the kind of things I look forward to when travelling. Not just the exploring but meeting new people or other travellers too. Currently, Sho is enjoying the beauty of India. I don’t envy him. I’m happy for him. Living the dream and making life happen.

12 thoughts on “New Japanese Friends | Baguio City, Philippines

  1. I really like to travel and because of work also. Hmmmm… Baguio really has that effect on people. It’s like your home away from home. So you’re from Baguio?

  2. I’m from manila! 🙂 Baguio is like my second home though because I visit every 6 months or more. 🙂 Baguio really does have that effect. I wonder if the people who lives there experience that too? Haha

  3. Most of my barkadas are from Baguio and they don’t want to work outside of the city. They can really be clingy to Baguio. lol. Saw your pictures. You’ve been travelling also. Australia. Japan? Nice.

  4. Yes! But nothing fancy, everything was on budget and paid by the parents. I can’t wait til i get to save enough to travel on my own or with friends! 🙂 i would love to hear all about your travels and tips! 🙂

  5. I love travelling alone. No hassle. Yeah. After you graduate and earning already, that’s the best time to travel. Nothing compares to spending your own money for happiness aka travels. Haha. Too bad I can’t travel anytime. Need to work to fund my travels. lol

  6. Wow it seems like you are a very friendly person.🤓 It’s good to know that you befriended some Japanese during your stay in Baguio. And yes, people who have lived in Baguio even for a short time will always have a soft spot for this city. ^^

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