Through the Lens: Malaria in Africa

Two years ago, I wrote this blog post about my near death experiences in Burkina Faso. I got sick with Malaria, missed a coup d’etat and a terror attack. That’s why this photo is very important to me. Malaria changed me. I borrowed a couple of paragraphs from that post but you can always check out the blog post here. Mike two years ago: So … Continue reading Through the Lens: Malaria in Africa

Dark Clouds Overhead

I haven’t blogged in a while now. I’ve been very busy adulting to earn some dough for my future travels. My original target is to post a couple of posts in a week but I failed. I’m such a disappointment. I can even see my mother in heaven shaking her head now. You see, there’s nothing wrong with adulting. We’ve been preparing for this since … Continue reading Dark Clouds Overhead

Life Lessons from a Site Manager

This morning (actually, a couple of weeks ago) at the restaurant, I noticed something’s off with my Site Manager. He was just newly assigned in our site a little over a week ago but I can read people like that. He looks sad, and tired. Lack of sleep? Missing his family? I just shrugged it off and continued with my bacon and egg breakfast. But … Continue reading Life Lessons from a Site Manager