Through the Lens: Malaria in Africa

Two years ago, I wrote this blog post about my near death experiences in Burkina Faso. I got sick with Malaria, missed a coup d’etat and a terror attack. That’s why this photo is very important to me. Malaria changed me. I borrowed a couple of paragraphs from that post but you can always check out the blog post here. Mike two years ago: So … Continue reading Through the Lens: Malaria in Africa

On a Constant Quest for Happiness

There’s a Youtube Channel that I religiously follow and they are called simonandmartina aka eatyourkimchi. I started watching them around 2014 when I was searching for a comprehensive blog about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Osaka, Japan. I first stumbled upon their blog and then redirected to their youtube channel and from then on my life was changed. I don’t know, … Continue reading On a Constant Quest for Happiness

Au Revoir Burkina Faso

A few weeks from now, I will be leaving my beloved first country assignment of Burkina Faso. Though it may not be the best country to conduct my training but I learned to love her. That, despite of my poor French communication skills and my not-black-not-white-skin. I’m out of place. I’m maybe the only Filipino in the country as of the moment. Well, I’m not … Continue reading Au Revoir Burkina Faso