Charaptor | SM MoA, Philippines

As you can see the trend of my posts, I really love eating and ihaw-ihaws. This time, we ate at the Charaptor in MoA seaside. I've been hearing good things about this restaurant so we decided to try it out. This restaurant has more Filipino touch. From the meats and the fish. They also have … Continue reading Charaptor | SM MoA, Philippines

Singgles Bar | Baguio City, Philippines

We frequented this bar when I was in the University. We would go here almost every week and/or after a depressing exam. Yep. Instead of locking ourselves and be miserable with whatever the result of the exam will be, we go and drink the night away. It is a Karaoke bar. The karaoke is not … Continue reading Singgles Bar | Baguio City, Philippines