Bento | Japan

One of the fascinating aspects of Japanese food is their presentation. There’s even an art in making sushi. Whoa! Have you seen their bento boxes? It’s just a lunch box but there’s something in the preparation that creates this magical food specimen. Konbini or Convenience stores like Lawson, 7-11, Family Mart are widespread in Japan. Bento boxes are sold in there. Bento boxes are also … Continue reading Bento | Japan

Kung Jeon Korean Palace | Baguio City, Philippines

I always loved ihaw-ihaws and eat-all-you-cans. I was in town for a couple of days in Baguio so I invited my cousin for an eat-all-you-can Korean dinner at the Korean Palace something. I saw numerous pictures on facebook with those traditional Korean outfits. I was scared. Really scared. I thought you should wear the outfit while eating. It’s just optional. To enjoy that Korean ihaw-ihaw … Continue reading Kung Jeon Korean Palace | Baguio City, Philippines

Sambokojin Experience | Philippines

I’ve been to Sambokojin for a couple of times already. First, last December 2013 at their Eastwood Branch and in March 2016 at their SM Megamall branch. For my both dining experience, it was great. There’s a massive selection of uncooked meats for the yakiniku, good amount of cooked Korean/Japanese/Chinese dishes. They also have desserts. Drinks are not included in the eat-all-you-can price before. But … Continue reading Sambokojin Experience | Philippines

Good Taste Restaurant| Baguio City, Philippines

One of the best pangmasa restaurants in Baguio City is Good Taste. The official post-game restaurant of almost every varsity team in Baguio City. The restaurant of choice of all student orgs of most universities. Well, not really but almost. One of the selling point of this restaurant aside from their good tasting food is their pricing. For 1 viand, it ranges from 150-300pesos and can … Continue reading Good Taste Restaurant| Baguio City, Philippines

Sunday Breakfast FTW | Mana Mine Site, Burkina Faso

My second favorite meal of the week is Sunday breakfast (next to Saturday pizza dinner). Wootwoot! Well, I love my breakfasts. But Sunday breakfast is special. We have croissants! I don’t even know why they only serve croissants on Sundays. It’s a staple bread in French restaurants next to the baguette. Not just that, I can also take time in eating. Normally during work days, … Continue reading Sunday Breakfast FTW | Mana Mine Site, Burkina Faso

Khmer Street Food | Siem Reap, Cambodia

I never really explored Khmer food that much. But during one of my trips at the Old Market, I tried some of their street foods. Well, just a couple. Jackfruit with Sticky Rice. It’s my first time to try this one. I love jackfruit and sticky rice separately. Most asian does. But together, it’s like a match made in heaven. The sweet taste of the … Continue reading Khmer Street Food | Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cappuccino| Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Maybe it’s too late to review Cappuccino now because since January 15, after the terror attack that killed 30 people (including one of the owners and their kid) in Hotel Splendid and in the nearby coffee shop Cappuccino, it is “temporarily” closed down. In quotations because I’m not really sure if they will open again. Since the attack, I kept on returning but no trace … Continue reading Cappuccino| Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

MaRamen Salamat Po| Ishikawa, Japan

I can eat Ramen every day. That’s what I discovered when I went to Japan for a month. I love noodles specifically Pancit Canton. I survived college with the help of Pancit Canton. It came to a point that I perfected my pancit canton cooking style. Also good with soft-boiled egg, cabbage, with pandesal, etc. I want my noodles just saucy. I don’t want them … Continue reading MaRamen Salamat Po| Ishikawa, Japan