Let’s Patch Things Up | Baguio City, Philippines

It’s my last day in Baguio and my old housemate invited me for brunch. We decided to eat at Patch Cafe because I haven’t tried eating there yet.

We arrived at the Bloomfield Hotel where Patch Cafe is located at around 10am. Surprisingly, the coffee shop is almost empty. A couple of businessmen and a group of college students and that’s it. Well, maybe it’s too early still.

With my friend, Hannah. Yep. We picked that spot for the backdrop.

We ordered a breakfast pizza, tinapa pasta, champorado, cakes and coffee and I think I only paid less than a thousand (I’m not sure really). But what I can remember is that the prices are affordable and student-friendly.The location is pretty convenient too. It’s near SM City Baguio and Session Road.

Their food is delicious especially the cakes. Well, it’s a cafe in the first place so their cakes better be good.The pasta has that unique flavor of tinapa and that tangy taste of kalamansi. I didn’t like the champorado with tuyo that much. Maybe I really want my Champorado to very sweet. The breakfast pizza is nice too. And their coffee great. Also, they have great customer service.

The presentation of the food are very instagram-worthy. Have you noticed the chocolate dusted fork formation on the cake? Very nice touch. The place itself is worthy too.

So if you’re around Baguio City, why not give Patch Cafe a try.

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