Temple Coffee | Siem Reap, Cambodia

My airbnb host in Siem Reap suggested that I should visit Temple Coffee n Bakery to just relax and chill. Well, I’m the tourist and who am I to decline?

The entrance to Temple Coffee n Bakery

Together with my Tuktuk driver, we went to the coffee shop for some afternoon coffee. The place is nice. Very instagrammable. They have this small details on their decorations that work. For example this vespa in the middle of the restaurant. Nice! And those bed-chairs!

They have great coffee. It’s like their local Starbucks in Siem Reap. They serve cakes and pastries. And they also serve some decent meals. Their presentation? Very instagrammable also.

Fish and chips, Thai fried rice thingy, and the Slushee with Corona Beer. #dinner

I also went there for dinner. And to my surprise, the coffee shop transforms into a bar. They also have live performers. And they’re Filipinos. One of the Cambodian waitress remembered me for being a Filipino so she introduced me to the performers. We chatted for a bit after their set. It’s refreshing and also nice to hear their experiences which I can relate to because I’m an OFW also.

And if it’s your birthday, they’ll give you a cake. They’ll even announce it for the whole restaurant to know. And the performers and all the people will sing for you.

The next day, I returned. I’m short of cash for what I’ve ordered so I used my African debit card instead. And it’s not compatible. I was panicky. What if they’ll arrest me or something. So I decided to just buy the coffee and leave the pastries that I ordered. But they refused. They said they can accompany me to the nearest ATM and one waitress even volunteered to drive me there. But I brought my rental moto with me. Also, part of my escape plan if my card won’t work. But it worked. Yey! So I came back, with my fresh dollars and paid for my food and coffee.

Very well-designed. It has that rugged/hipster feel.

Overall, this coffee shop is a must-visit when in Siem Reap. A nice place to relax because it has that right distance from the busy Old Market and Pubstreet. Their food is great and affordable. They have Khmer foods and Western foods also.

4 thoughts on “Temple Coffee | Siem Reap, Cambodia

  1. Yes! And it’s not that loud also during the day. Nice for long tambays. And for reading. We should have the same concept in the Philippines.

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