How to amp up your Airbnb game

There are different kinds of travelers. Those who stay in hotels who have more money to spend, Those who stay in hostels who are more budget conscious and those who stay using Airbnb who lies somewhere in between the two. But this post will only concentrate to Airbnb.

Airbnb is a website where you can book accommodations from all around the globe. The listings here are very diverse. From condos, apartments, real houses, private rooms, dormitory beds, tree houses, boats, etc. What’s nice in Airbnb is most of the time it is more affordable than staying in hotels. And you can have the privacy you prefer while enjoying different hotel-like amenities when staying in for example condo.

In the span of 1 month, from March to April, I already stayed in 9 different Airbnb listings. In Makati, Mandaluyong, and Albay. Also in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and in Siem Reap. Overall, my stays were pleasant and I have nothing to complain about. So here are my tips to enjoy your next Airbnb.

First things first (in Iggy Azalea’s voice), register to Airbnb to enjoy its potential. You can register through this link to have a 20 USD discount on your first booking. I will have a discount also. It’s a win-win situation. Yey!


Use the filter option. Unlike Instagram, you can abuse the filters here in Airbnb. You have many options, so to achieve that dream accommodation, you should be very specific on the features or amenities of the listing. Also to save time. You will not scour all the listings just to find the perfect one.

Look for discounts. There are some listings that give discounts on a weekly/monthly basis. Watch out for these discounts.

Communicate. If you have a prospect listing already, go ahead and send an inquiry to the host. Normally there’s the instant book and the request to book listings. As the names suggest, for instant bookings, there’s no need for the approval of the host while the Request to book listings need the approval of the host before you can book the place. It is also better to send a message to the host before booking for more detailed specifics.

Check the cancellation policy. For each listing it will be varying. From flexible to strict cancellation policy. You can check them here to further educate yourself.

Mind the Check in/out. For your convenience and also the host’s, you need to be mindful of the check in/out. There are instances like delayed flight or traffic jams, be sure to inform your host as early as possible to avoid confusion.

Respect the house. Treat your Airbnb accommodation as you would treat your own. It’s not a hotel so before leaving, tidy the place up. Also conserve energy by turning off all appliances when going out.

Some of my reviews from my past hosts.

Leave an honest review. Take note that both the host and the guest should leave a review for each other. Please do me a favor, be honest. It’s for the future guests of the listing. It’s ok to recommend and suggest but be polite. Also, it’s the hosts’ reference to approve you or not.

For now, that would be all. Maybe I’ll update this in the future? Have you experienced using Airbnb already? What are your tips and suggestions?

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