MaRamen Salamat Po| Ishikawa, Japan

I can eat Ramen every day. That’s what I discovered when I went to Japan for a month.

This vibe.

I love noodles specifically Pancit Canton. I survived college with the help of Pancit Canton. It came to a point that I perfected my pancit canton cooking style. Also good with soft-boiled egg, cabbage, with pandesal, etc. I want my noodles just saucy. I don’t want them with soup. Maybe I associate them with my childhood. If my father would be too lazy to cook, he’ll just pop a pack or two. Sometimes with too much water or not enough because  it’s been cooking more than it’s supposed to. And the noodles are always soggy which I hate.

My first time to try a ramen is not in Japan. It was in Moshi Koshi in SM North Edsa. It costs 300+ pesos for a bowl. I didn’t enjoy my first time. It’s too salty for my liking and the noodles are a bit soggy when they served the bowl. I didn’t attempt to eat Ramen again. I promised to myself that my next ramen bowl will be in Japan just to be sure.


During our stay in Japan, we ate more than 5 different ramen flavors from different Ramen restaurants. But the ramen above is my favorite. I don’t know what it’s called because they don’t have an English menu. We just pointed what we want and voila! I ordered a ramen set so it came with a fried rice. The fried rice is equally delicious.

No English menu. Good thing they have pictures per dish.

The average price for a ramen set is 800 yen. It consists of a bowl of ramen, rice and tea. Sometimes they come with gyoza and kimchi.

Believe me, this restaurant serves the best ramen. This specific branch is located beside the Komatsu Station in Ishikawa Prefecture.

In the Philippines, there are several Ramen Houses already. But even if it’s a chain from Japan, nothing beats a bowl of Ramen eaten in Japan. It’s a magical experience.

Rating: 🔧🔧🔧🔧🔧

11 thoughts on “MaRamen Salamat Po| Ishikawa, Japan

  1. Great post! Nagutom ako bigla, tapos bet ko yung wordplay nung title ng post mo haha. ang unique =))

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