Cappuccino| Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Maybe it’s too late to review Cappuccino now because since January 15, after the terror attack that killed 30 people (including one of the owners and their kid) in Hotel Splendid and in the nearby coffee shop Cappuccino, it is “temporarily” closed down. In quotations because I’m not really sure if they will open again. Since the attack, I kept on returning but no trace of repairs or reconstruction.

2015-07-08 06.01.00
The view from my hotel window.

So let me take you back when I first tried their food. It was July 7, 2015. I was looking for a view of my window to post in instagram but I only have a street view. But the neon sign of Cappuccino got me intrigued. From my window, i can see that the coffee shop is almost full with expats. A refreshing sight for me. So I decided to eat there.

2015-07-08 19.36.43
Takeaway. 2 cake slices, 1 tart and a vanilla Milkshake.

The cakes are delicious as expected, the milkshake is a tad too sweet but still edible, and their breads are the best in Ouagadougou. A boulangerie is good if their breads get sold out fast. They also have very affordable pricing. The ambiance is just okay. A typical Burkinabe style coffee shop. It’s wide but the peak hours is from 6pm onwards. The house gets really full.

2016-01-07 09.04.03
Breakfast-lunch. 2 cake slices, 1 eclair, 1 butter croissant and a cup of cafe au lait.

I only have good words for Cappuccino. It was the best coffee shop in Ouagadougou. Well maybe not for their coffee because they only use the capsule type machines but for their breads and pastries. I cannot comment with their booze creations but it’s still booze. There’s no such thing as a crappy booze. Hopefully they will open it again soon before I leave Burkina Faso for good on 2017.

Rating: 🔧🔧🔧🔧

7 thoughts on “Cappuccino| Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

  1. Wala masyado. Unti lang din kasi nga expats dito. Di tulad ng ibang country sa west afrique like Senegal na sandamakmak. Tsaka di pa din kasi developed masyado ang Burkina. Yung city nila parang province levels.

  2. Tiis tiis. Palagi na lang akong nagtitiis. Ganito na lang ba palagi? Hahahaha. JK. Di ko pa nga alam kung saan eh. Pero gusto ko sa US or sa Japan para madami pwede pasyalan. Nakakainggit yung mga kasama ko na naassign dun eh. Parang every weekend eh namamasyal sila. Habang dito, kapag weekend nganga. pwede din mamasyal. Sa kagubatan. Hahahaha.

  3. Hahhaha natawa ako sa drama. Maganda nga sa Japan ah hahahaha…yaan mo na…mag aral ka na lang mag French hahahaha

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