Sunday Breakfast FTW | Mana Mine Site, Burkina Faso

My second favorite meal of the week is Sunday breakfast (next to Saturday pizza dinner). Wootwoot!

Well, I love my breakfasts. But Sunday breakfast is special. We have croissants! I don’t even know why they only serve croissants on Sundays. It’s a staple bread in French restaurants next to the baguette. Not just that, I can also take time in eating. Normally during work days, I eat breakfast in 5-10 minutes. So I’ll just have a couple of pancakes with butter (they don’t have maple syrup here, they are French Canadian here, we should have a shit load of maple syrup). I normally have like a bread for the day. They serve many bread like the normal slice bread or the baguette but I don’t like those. But I want the bread/cake for the day. They are special. And maybe a ham or a bacon. Also, if I’m a bit early I’ll get a bowl of mixed fruits. And to drown those off, I usually make a cafe au lait.

But for Sundays, I normally have a spiral bread, a croissant, sausage and bacon. If I’m feeling happy, I’ll get a yoghurt. Also, I can drink all the milk that I want. Btw, I’m lactose intolerant. But it’s my rest day so I can poop my guts away.

So there, a good start for my rest day.

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