Good Taste Restaurant| Baguio City, Philippines

One of the best pangmasa restaurants in Baguio City is Good Taste. The official post-game restaurant of almost every varsity team in Baguio City. The restaurant of choice of all student orgs of most universities. Well, not really but almost.

One of the selling point of this restaurant aside from their good tasting food is their pricing. For 1 viand, it ranges from 150-300pesos and can feed 3 to 5 persons. One can easily feed a group of 10 with 1000 pesos. Everybody goes home with a satisfied belly.

This restaurant is really patok. It can accommodate a few hundred people but still there’s a waiting time to get a table. The wait is definitely worth it.

They are open 24/7. Good after an all nighters or just for drunk eating. Their buttered chicken is a good drunk food. But don’t be fooled with their bright red color. It’s not spicy.

So where do broken hearts go at 3am? Your Cousin from Baguio has the answer:

Where do broken hearts go?

Rating: 🔧🔧🔧🔧

6 thoughts on “Good Taste Restaurant| Baguio City, Philippines

  1. woww!gusto ko din yang resto na yan!perstaym kong kumain dyan nung nagstop-over kami bago umakyat ng Mt. Pulag at solb na solb ang bituka ko sa tyan😋

  2. Sobrang sarap nga diyan. Walang arte. Kung pwede lang magbaon ng buttered chicken dito eh gagawin ko. Buttered chicken at lechon kawali. Shet. Naglalaway ako sa pagiisip lang nun. Haha

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