Bento | Japan

One of the fascinating aspects of Japanese food is their presentation. There’s even an art in making sushi. Whoa! Have you seen their bento boxes? It’s just a lunch box but there’s something in the preparation that creates this magical food specimen.

The best smoked fish I ever had.

Konbini or Convenience stores like Lawson, 7-11, Family Mart are widespread in Japan. Bento boxes are sold in there. Bento boxes are also available in supermarkets. The price range is from 500 yen to 1000 yen. If you buy in the afternoon, there are certain bentos that go on sale because their expiration dates are nearing. That’s our technique to save money during weekends. We would go in the afternoon and buy the bentos that are on sale. They are still good. Believe me.

Another point to note that a bento box is a complete meal. Balanced even. You have your proteins in meats, carbs with the pasta or rice, vegetables and sometimes with dessert. They are in small portions but they can be fulfilling. But a little more rice won’t really hurt.

Westernized bento.

So when in Japan, make sure to try their bentos. Affordable, delicious and really pleasing to the eyes. And you have countless combinations to choose from.

8 thoughts on “Bento | Japan

  1. Haha.i missed bento boxes in Japan. And you are right about the best time to buy bento boxes. We often buy Bento Boxes around 7pm to 9pm haha

  2. Yes. Pescatarian. Hopefully I can shift to veg early next year. Its kinda difficult to be a full fledged Vegetarian especially if you are in the Ph. Db?

  3. Well, maybe if you prepare all your meals by yourself. Or order those food delivery programs thingy. They supply you with 3 meals for the day. But I heard they’re are really expensive.

  4. What beautiful photos! I am curious though, in picture #1 in the upper left corner, what is that food in the purple paper tin? Is that like smoked herring? 🙂 Loved reading about Japan! Great job 😉

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