Shibuya Station | Tokyo, Japan

Shibuya Station is one of the iconic places in Japan. This is where Hachiko’s statue located, it is near the ever busy Shibuya Crossing, it has the Japan’s version of Jumbotron or those giant electronic billboards and it is the home of various street performers. Well, I’m pretty sure that they also have street performers in the other parts of Japan but the feels in Shibuya is different. It’s very alive. Like the hills in the Sound of Music.

Paparating na sa Shibuya Station.

Our main purpose is just to see Hachiko. It has been my dream to visit this ever since I watched the movie. That movie made me cry like a baby the first time. Also the second time and all the times after. It even made me cry more than The Notebook or any Nicholas Spark book turned to movie for that matter.


We also crossed the Shibuya Crossing. Even snapped a photo in the middle. Yeah. We are horrible tourists. We just walked around to buy something for pasalubong. Damn pasalubongs!

Sorry po.

There are numerous street performers too in the area. Mostly singers with their guitars. And one performer stood out. This girl. We even bought her album for a hundred yen. Who knows maybe she’s the next Ed Sheeran or something.

Didn’t get her name but her music is amazing!

A must visit when in the Tokyo area. Very accessible via their trains.

14 thoughts on “Shibuya Station | Tokyo, Japan

  1. Great post! Shibuya was fun and quite iconic. I like your photos and enthusiasm. Check out the latest post on our blog. Keep up the great work!

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