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One of my dreams as a traveler (kuno) is to experience First Class Airline Seat in a long flight preferably on one of those airline Giants like Qatar Airways or Emirates Airlines

I can still remember my first plane ride. The flight is from Manila to Semirara Island, Antique for my local OJT. It’s my first time to leave Luzon. My batchmates are teasing me because they get to ride a plane every time they go home while I take the bus. Our training center is in DasmariΓ±as, Cavite and our house is in Cabuyao, Laguna. Yep. That sucks. Back to my fist flight, so the rainy season has already started that time and the turbulence was severe. I didn’t know the normal intensity of turbulence so I thought the turbulence that we experienced was normal. After we landed and while waiting at the Semirara Island Hangar, we talked about the turbulence. It wasn’t normal. I survived my first plane ride. #AchievementUnlocked

First plane ride. Woohoo! (June 2014)

Since my first plane ride in 2014, I’ve been to 25 flights (all Economy) from six airline carriers. But among those six, my favorite is Emirates.Β  They have this in-flight entertainment with new movies. And unlike budget airlines, you’ve paid for the food and the unlimited drinks (including liquors) already. And they serve snacks in between the main meals which is very nice especially when doing a movie marathon.

To compare the food that they serve in Air Burkina, PAL and in Emirates, below is a photo of the food that they served during my flights. I tried ordering food in one of my AirAsia flights but I didn’t take a picture because it’s just sad. It will make you sad too. I’m pretty sure.

Fruits, croissant, butter bun, jam and coffee. Typical French breakfast. Dakar to Ouagadougou, Air Burkina.
Some Japanese bento. Manila to Japan, Philippine Airlines.
Let’s talk about this breakfast. Dubai to Dakar, Emirates.

So there, maybe I’ll start to save for that once in a lifetime First Class plane ride.

80 thoughts on “First Class | #travelgoals

  1. Yep, tapos P120 pa for both. Magkano lang ang C2 at Cup Noodles sa Ministop – siguro di aabot sa kalahati niyan. :-\

    PAL pa rin talaga. πŸ˜‰ Cinnamon roll or chicken adobo bun, tapos may option pang coffee, tea, or water pag domestic.

  2. Di pa ako nakatry ng domestic sa PAL pero mukhang mas mainam nga talaga. Pero laki din ng difference sa price kasi. Yung nasave daw kasi sa cebupac eh pambibili ng foods nila. Hahaha

  3. Hahaha. Naisingit ang hugot. Parang promo ng airasia ngayon ah. For January to August 2017. Ang maganda ngayon, ang dalawa sa pinakacheap na budget airlines sa buong mundo eh nsa Pinas. CebuPac at Airasia. Sakay na!

  4. Buti pa sila 8 months lang yung duration. Kami 4 months. Saan ka pa? Alis na! Laya na! Aura na!

    Saan naman ako pupunta. Ako lang mag-isa πŸ˜‚

  5. Hahahaha okay lang mag-joke ka. Napapatawa mo naman ako. Haha at naging chatbox na talaga itong comment box mo. Sorry sa flood! πŸ˜‚

  6. Sort of. But not really. The only game I played is Pokemon on my Gameboy when I was in the primary school. I want to play again but I dont want those emulators. Now, I’m planning to purchase a nintendo 3ds to rekindle my passion in gaming er pokemon. Lol. I tried online before like gunbound. That’s it. My gaming career. 😁

  7. The best corporate job I ever had was working for an airline. I flew free over 100 times. Working for a a good airlines also gives you benefits on other airlines. I also flew free or paid just the cost of taxes ($120) on most international trips to Asia, UAE, Europe and the Caribbean. Look into it. You can also check out my blog.

  8. I’m dying to fly First Class! Even if I only do it once! For someone who flew for the first time fairly recently, you have since caught SO many flights! Hope you one day reach your #travelgoal πŸ˜‰

  9. Flying first class is also one of my goals haha πŸ’ͺ, but for now I’ll have to live vicariously through Casey Neistat’s YouTube videos looool.

  10. In Norway (and lotus of other places) we have credit cards that gives you air line points everytime you spend money. At the grocery store, restaurants, whatever. And Star Alliance have this deal where they give you a two for one ticket if you spend a good amount of money over a year on their card. Me and my boyfriend share a card so we always manage to get the ticket. On the way there we’ve collected enough points to pay for a long haul flight on business class and then match it for free with the “companion ticket”. So we fly business, but we’re not paying more that economy price πŸ˜‰ There are three big air line alliances; Star Alliance, One World and Sky Team, they all have loyalty program. They also do status matches in competing alliances, so we’ve got gold cards in all of them now without really doing anything other than being smart with the system. It needs to be said that we travel a lot with work tho. I guess my point is that the road to business can be found through other ways if you’re smart and do research. Good luck πŸ™‚

    We’re going to the Philippines for New Years btw, would love some tips! Looks like we will travel around Cebu area and one day in Manila

  11. Wow. That’s awesome! Cebu is a nice place. It has nice beach. You can do snorkeling ang whatnot. Also, the food is amazing. You should try the world famous cebu lechon. Manila is a very urban city. Too many people and too much traffic. But still there are a lot of things to do there. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay in the Philippines.

  12. I have never been out of the country, but I intend to. Although, I have been on many flights, my longest flight was 4 hours. I usually try to sleep through it. Besides a drink or two I have never ordered food on a plane instead just snacked on the good old complementary peanuts. I heard there are airlines that offer little bunkers with t.v.s and personal areas in which you can sleep privately. You should look into it. However, the Bento box doesn’t look half bad!!! Good luck on your journey to first class, looking forward to the post!

  13. Oh wow! That’s scary. Hope no one was hurt, and it’s cool that they gave everyone an upgrade. I cant wait to experience first class. I have way too many long flights.

  14. Lovely website you have here! Love this post and all the photos you have taken. Can’t wait to drop by more often to read more of your adventures.

  15. You ended your post with saving for a FIrst Class seat. I just want to share that having worked for a major international airline for several years (Hint: flawless record for more than 64 years, and the reigning β€œworld’s safest airline”) that it’s really not worth the price of the seat. Unless of course you’d rather sit on that money in one trip rather than taking more trips around the world.

    What I can suggest is to stick to an airline with a loyalty program and maybe get a credit card where you can accumulate travel points. This way you can earn frequent flyer miles and that’s the way to get upgraded.

    Buen viaje!

    ❀ BP

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