Pokémon GO et Dakar, Senegal Tour

The hype of Pokémon GO is very real. I don’t know in Facebook but in Instagram, it’s as if everyone is training to be the best Pokémon Master ever.

Pokémon is a game very close to my heart. I started playing Pokémon with my good ol’ Nintendo Gameboy in the 2nd grade and played through high school. Actually, this is one of the few video games that I played with Super Mario Bros. and Tetris. But with this Pokémon GO, I don’t see myself joining the bandwagon. The gameplay is really simple and it  is a dream come true for us Pokemon fans. And it became very convenient because of its availability to Android and iOS users unlike before you need to have a Gameboy to explore the world of Pokémon.

My friend Ray on the other hand is addicted with Pokémon GO. We would go out of the house and explore our neighborhood just to catch some Pokémon. So we use those times to run some errands also to make our time useful.

But with great Pokémons come great responsibility. The game can be dangerous because it requires the player to go out in search of wild Pokémons and Poké-stops or Pokémon gyms. So while the focus of the player is on the game, he can be oblivious with the traffics, bumps on the sidewalk or even with the ditch. It can also attract bad elements like snatchers and holduppers especially in crowded areas. Here in Dakar, Senegal we don’t have a problem with that because it is relatively peaceful in the area but in the Philippines, the snatchers maybe rejoicing as of the moment. So still, be vigilant and be safe always.

Also, you can watch my latest vlog on Pokemon Go as we explore Dakar, Senegal and go on with our boring everyday life while on vacation.

Watch the video here.

19 thoughts on “Pokémon GO et Dakar, Senegal Tour

  1. Mej madali lang concept. Bale explore lang sa neighborhood tas makakakita ka ng mga wild pokémons tas ang aim mo eh huliin sila at itrain ganyan. May mga laban laban din. Parang ganun ata. Di ko pa nalalaro tong Pokemon Go kaya di ko din sure. Yung old school lang ang alam ko talaga. Hehehe. Naiimagine ko na mga exotic ang mga pokemon jan sa Maldives. Saya.

  2. Yep. Literal na lakad lakad ka sa paligid. So bawal tong game na to sa mga tamad. Hahaha. GPS at Data ang kelangan din. Parang mat virtual equivalent yung location mo talaga sa mundo.

  3. Can’t wait to see more ! I plan on going to Senegal in 2017 for my Study Abroad ! Currently learning Wolof at Columbia University ! Yaangi Cool ! Nan nga deff ?

  4. That’s awesome Luke. Too bad I don’t speak Wolof. I only go to Senegal for vacation in short periods of time and don’t go out that much. But good luck with your studies in Senegal!

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