A Year in the Life | One Second a Day Video

This video is very dear to me. It took me a year to complete this video but it’s all worth the fuss.

Date: December 21, 2015 to Devember 21, 2016

Countries: Burkina Faso | Senegal | Philippines | Malaysia | Cambodia | Togo | Guinea

Thanks for watching!

8 thoughts on “A Year in the Life | One Second a Day Video

  1. Nice! Brilliant idea… I might just do something like this if only I can figure out how to work my action cam. LOL
    Wait, did I miss the part where you were taking French lessons? 😉
    Thanks for the follow, mate.
    You got a new fan.

    ❤ BP

  2. Ooopd! Pressed send by mistake, anyways, I bought it for our island hopping trip in the Philippines last October but it was underutilized coz either I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the islands or I’m just really tech challenged. Maybe both.
    I should be better at it by March when I go to Dubai/Israel.
    I’m rushing on my French lessons coz I’m going back to Paris this Fall (fingers crossed) so I do envy you for having a private teacher. They’re not cheap. Hope to cya around!

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