How these Kids Changed my Life

A month ago, my life has literally no direction. I have plans until the Coldplay Concert but after that, I’m just a plastic bag drifting through the wind if we can borrow the words of Katy Perry.

When our office in Makati called me to do our company brochure for the fourth time, I grabbed the opportunity and just went with the flow. Two weeks have passed, I  finished the brochure and I have nothing to do yet again. So when they asked me to be an assistant trainer at our training center in Cavite City, I just went with it. I was hesitant at first because a) I’m mostly introvert and b) I hate people in general.

I finally arrived at the training center more scared than usual. The last time I was here was a couple of years back when I was still in my second stage of training. I’m feeling all the nostalgia. I nearly cried.

So I get to meet this bunch of people. 20 students from all over the country for their Summer OJT and 10 trainees for the 9th Batch of our training program. I’m part of the 6th Batch of trainees. Way back 2013.

Komatsu Student Traineeship Program 2017

I decided not to get too close to them because I have abandonment issues (just kidding) but looking back to the whole month I was with them, I got really close to them.

The first week was really slow but come the weekend, we’re on our first outing. We went to an amusement park in Laguna and we really had a good time. Normally, I hate extreme rides. I’m a sissy like that but with these guys, I was talked through riding all the extreme rides in that park. We really had a good time.

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset
Enchanted Kingdom!

After that, I became more relaxed around them. I talked more. Maybe even more than required. I started opening up about my experiences. Come the next weekend, our first movie followed by countless more at our home cinema in our Pantry.

After Wheel Loader/Excavator driving lessons

Then the drinking started. You know the friendship is getting serious when alcohol is already involved. So that’s what’s happening. We’re getting there.

There’s this outing also in Nasugbu Batangas. Originally, it’s only for the STPs but we were joined by the 9th batch trainees. So the outing just got a whole lot crazier. We had a boodle fight for lunch. But the main event was the drinking. I enjoyed the drinking at least. Maybe not that much for the kids who were really wasted.

STP & 9B Outing. Munting Buhangin, Nasugbu, Batangas

Then our last weekend at the training center. I think that’s the highlight of my short stay there. We drank from that friday until the night before they go home on Wednesday.

But just a day after we parted ways, I’m feeling all the feels. I’m not sure how I affected their lives with my presence during their training or with the life experiences I shared to them but they surely changed my life. I’m crying as I type this post. I’m not sure if I’ll ever see them again but I hope for a bright future ahead of them.

So here’s to life and hope to see them again.

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