Hi guys! I’m doing a new series for my blog and it was inspired by Cordilleras Film Collective’s Behind the Image segment. There’s no title yet so maybe you can help me with that. But I’m thinking how about Through the Lens (wink) or Off-cam? It’s an every other day post so keep your eyes peeled.


I started film photography a couple months back. As of writing, I’ve finished 16 rolls of film and three of which are in black and white. I love doing photowalks around town and a lot of street photography. It’s a bit hard to shoot here in East Africa because there are unwritten rules about photography that can bring me to trouble but I’ll still try to capture the raw moments that you can only find in this part of the world.

Also, my life is pretty boring right now and I pretty much do the same thing everyday. Consider this a diversion to save my sanity.

9 thoughts on “NEW SERIES! NEW SERIES!

  1. Plan ko din to before, but I don’t have enough time and tyaga. Lol. I was naming mine “Shutter Up” sana or “Photo Factory” but whatevs. Not sure if you already have a post re this but share some tips din po. 🙂

  2. Dami ko kasing time din. Sayang naman. Di pa ako nagpopost ng photography thingy dito kasi newbie pa lang naman ako so puro sa instagram. Pero ayun sayang naman mga kwento ko sa mga shots ko so share ko na din dito kako. Shutter Up! Maganda yan.

  3. Oo pero it reminds me of the movie Shutter lol naiimagine ko na yung mga kuha mo na me babae sa background

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