New Beginning, Another Ending

Earlier this week, I got the most exciting news of my career so far. I won’t delve on the details but let’s just say that I was promoted (sort of). So to celebrate this milestone, we decided to have a backyard cookout.

Processed with RNI Films. Preset ‘Agfa Optima 200 Warm’

Together with my other Filipino colleagues, we prepared some nem (Vietnamese spring rolls), pork and sausage BBQ, meatballs (from the leftover nem filling). We were supposed to cook some lumpiang shanghai but we bought the wrong wrapper. The outcome was good too. Our Asian heart is happy.

Congratulatory messages. Actually we bought the cupcakes for ourselves. Like a pat in the back.

We also ordered some customized cupcakes from Kampala Cakery. The ordering experience was so easy. Made an order through their webpage and continued the transaction in WhatsApp. With less than two days notice, they delivered promptly.

I discovered Kampala Cakery through Instagram. They post the most intricate cake designs and it’s the epitome of (food) porn. I love desserts and basing from the photos, I immediately want to try their products. I even visited their booth one time at a weekend market but failed to try their cakes because it was sold out. That’s why I decided to order cakes from them the instant I have some reason to celebrate.

The only photo that matters

This celebration is for our promotion. But with the promotion means we are leaving Uganda soon. I wouldn’t lie but this is what I want for the longest time now ever since I got tired of this routine life that I have in UG. Yeah I will miss some of the friendships that I made here but I’m really happy that I’m leaving this country soon. I imagine myself as a tree. I need to grow. And for me to grow, I need to go out out there and discover what the world can offer me. Maybe not a normal tree. More of an Ent from Lord of the Rings.

4 thoughts on “New Beginning, Another Ending

  1. Moving from glory to much more glory.
    All the best in your next level.
    With the new challenges ahead, great development awaits.

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