Got the Flu and my trip to the Supermarket

It’s been two days since I got the flu. I’m very low on supplies especially water so I decided to go to the supermarket to buy some stuff. I documented my little excursion with a series of photos:

Still a bit sick thus the face mask. I also don’t want to infect other people with this flu virus. I’m taking the city bus so it’s better to be safe.
Our dormitory is 15 minutes away from the train station. The bus is pretty empty because it was still early at 4:20PM and the rush starts at around 6PM.
Craving for some fruits. This really surprised me because I’m not really a fruit person. As of writing, I finished one of the grapes and it felt like they’re the juiciest, tastiest grapes I’ve ever tasted.
As you may know, Japan has the most amazing and sometimes bizarre flavored drinks. Spotted this Coca-cola Strawberry flavor. Mine is still cooling in the fridge and will update you with the taste later.
Okay. Who are we kidding? I got this much.
Home at last!

So that’s my trip to the supermarket. And the plot twist of the day is the care package that I received from our HR. I hope I recover soon and take more photographs with my new film camera.

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