Through the Lens: Revival

I started a series a while back entitled “Through the Lens” which mainly covers the stories of my photographs using different film cameras. I experienced burn out so I stopped posting blog posts altogether. I’m still very active on Instagram though so if you want to be updated with my film photography journey, please follow my Instagram account (@thegeekmechanic). I also have a secondary instagram (@milanmikedan) where I normally post my food (mis)adventures and travels. More real time because they’re mostly taken using my iphone.

I would like to post more photos in here because I’m still paying for this domain. Also, I really want a creative output. This 9-5 job sucks the life out of me. 
Also, maybe I’ll just post a roll of film at a time. I’m not yet sure with my new mechanics but I’ll try to post as often as possible. 

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