Film Mirror Selfies from 2017~

Hi again! 2 posts this month. This is new. But then again with this pandemic thingy, I got nowhere to go so I’m here at home just waiting for my amazon deliveries to come.

This time, I just want to share all my film mirror selfies I accumulated since I started film photography on November 2017. A little backstory, I always travel alone and I use an SLR film camera mostly so it’s hard for me to ask someone to take a photo of me. So to solve that problem, whenever I see a mirror or a shiny window I take a mirror selfie. Also, I need to flex my film cameras. lol

Below are my photos from 2017 taken in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda

2018 photos taken in Uganda, Philippines and Hong Kong

2019 Mirror Selfies in Uganda, Kenya and Philippines

Taken in UAE and Japan, 2020

Japan, 2021

Alright. I’ll update this post whenever I get a new mirror selfie.

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