On a Constant Quest for Happiness

There’s a Youtube Channel that I religiously follow and they are called simonandmartina aka eatyourkimchi. I started watching them around 2014 when I was searching for a comprehensive blog about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Osaka, Japan. I first stumbled upon their blog and then redirected to their youtube channel and from then on my life was changed. I don’t know, … Continue reading On a Constant Quest for Happiness

Au Revoir Burkina Faso

A few weeks from now, I will be leaving my beloved first country assignment of Burkina Faso. Though it may not be the best country to conduct my training but I learned to love her. That, despite of my poor French communication skills and my not-black-not-white-skin. I’m out of place. I’m maybe the only Filipino in the country as of the moment. Well, I’m not … Continue reading Au Revoir Burkina Faso

Dark Clouds Overhead

I haven’t blogged in a while now. I’ve been very busy adulting to earn some dough for my future travels. My original target is to post a couple of posts in a week but I failed. I’m such a disappointment. I can even see my mother in heaven shaking her head now. You see, there’s nothing wrong with adulting. We’ve been preparing for this since … Continue reading Dark Clouds Overhead

Life Lessons from a Site Manager

This morning (actually, a couple of weeks ago) at the restaurant, I noticed something’s off with my Site Manager. He was just newly assigned in our site a little over a week ago but I can read people like that. He looks sad, and tired. Lack of sleep? Missing his family? I just shrugged it off and continued with my bacon and egg breakfast. But … Continue reading Life Lessons from a Site Manager

Real Life Lessons from Burkina Faso

Part of our training program in our company is the 3-4 years overseas OJT. This is after the  classroom training, local OJT in the Philippines and the advance technical training in Japan. Our company sends its trainees in different countries. As of writing, there are 100+ trainees and graduates which are sent in 23 different countries around the globe. We send trainees to the US, … Continue reading Real Life Lessons from Burkina Faso

My love-hate relationship with French (not the fries)

So I’m stuck for another more year here in Burkina Faso. A West-African French-speaking country. I’ve been here for over a year now. Because of that, everyone expects me to speak fluent French now. I also thought I can do a year and emerge victorious and with a new learned language in my pocket. But what went wrong? You see, I hated my country assignment. … Continue reading My love-hate relationship with French (not the fries)