After two days of brainstorming with myself, I now made up my mind with my new series in this blog. I will try out different films and post my take on each film. Like a mini review of some sort. I’m not yet too technical with film photography so I will review the films based on my preference.

I live in Japan so I encounter a lot of weird film emulsions. I will try the weirdest and the quirkiest of them and let you know how I feel about them. I will shoot mostly with my Contax T2 because that’s my go-to camera nowadays but let’s see.

I still don’t process my own film but soon I’ll try to learn to do it myself. Actually I’m planning to take private classes on how to develop film and I’ll tell how it goes.
Also I need to think of a new series name. I’m thinking of Roll Call or Testsie Roll (like Tootsie Roll) but not yet sure.
I’ll keep you posted.

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