I Can Fly

Well not literally, flying in a plane, that’s what I meant.

I really love plane rides or any other rides, may it be bus, train, car, everything. I don’t mind the travel time really because when I am travelling by plane for example, my mind is programmed to think that I’m going somewhere special or somewhere familiar. So what I do is just enjoy the ride and every minute spent will be worth it.

The view on my window. On my way to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

One of the longest flights that I’ve been is the one from Dakar, Senegal to Dubai which is more or less 10 hours. It is the first flight to my home country. And another 8-10 hours from Dubai to Manila. I don’t mind. I have been away for a year and I really miss everything about the Philippines but I still enjoyed the ride. Well, it helps that Emirates has one of the best on-board entertainment and flights.

Many people I knew hate the idea of long flights. It’s tiring or it’s boring they said. I didn’t love it also at first. But I realized that every moment really matters. It won’t help if we whine on every little things. As the pilots always say, “sit back and enjoy the ride”.

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