Singgles Bar | Baguio City, Philippines

We frequented this bar when I was in the University. We would go here almost every week and/or after a depressing exam. Yep. Instead of locking ourselves and be miserable with whatever the result of the exam will be, we go and drink the night away.

It is a Karaoke bar. The karaoke is not private so if you have the guts to sing in front of a drunk crowd, go ahead. The food and drinks are not that expensive so you can be wasted without breaking the bank. They have buy 1 take 1 promos with their cocktail concoctions which are pretty good with their price range. Their last call is around 2-3am.

Just realized that this bar looks like a karinderya. Lol. #goodtimes

This bar is not fancy compared to the other bars in Baguio City. The patrons here are mostly locals and broke college students who wants to have fun and still within the budget. They have a basic toilet. The last time I visited, it is still de-buhos. Also, when people are drunk, they become rowdy and everything so expect a dirty toilet. Keep your expectations low.

This bar is not ideal for those chillax moments. This is more of a let’s-get-wild-and-sing bar.

Rating 🔧🔧🔧

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