Princess Yenenga Lodge | Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

According to my former boss, the Princess of Morocco once visited Burkina Faso and stayed in this hotel. And that’s the origin of the hotel’s name. Well, I’m not sure really with the origin of the name but some princess stayed in this hotel. And my boss stayed in her room. I don’t know how he discovered about it. Maybe there’s a shrine in the room. He’s in Japan now. Maybe I’ll send an email later to clarify these things. He told this story after several bottle of flag beers in the only Spanish restaurant in Dakar and while enjoying the giant platter of paella that came way too late during the course of our dinner. Maybe he’s bluffing. It was his farewell dinner after all. He’s entitled to that.

Look at that pool.

The first hotel where I first arrived in Burkina Faso. It was really hot that day. Upon entering the gated hotel, I was a bit surprised. It looked more like a resort. Palm Springs-like feels. There are less than 15 rooms and the rooms are huge. Maybe the biggest hotel room that I’ve stayed in so far. And they have the fastest internet in all of Burkina Faso.

The bed is weird.

Their restaurant serves one of the best tasting steaks in Burkina Faso. This restaurant is at par with that of Hotel Splendid. The restaurant/bar also caters to a lot of expats in the area. There are a few places in Ouaga where they flock and Princess Yenenga lodge is one of them. I didn’t eat at the restaurant for dinner. I just ordered food and have it delivered in my room. But I ate lunch and breakfast in the restaurant with my bosses. The lunch and dinner menu is just the same. But for breakfast, they have a buffet. Some fruits, breads and cold cuts. The breakfast was just okay. We have a better breakfast buffet in the restaurant on site.

I think I just ordered a meal for two.

I’m not aware of the price range of the rooms of this hotel because the company paid for my accommodation but judging for what I’ve experienced, it should be on the steep side. Will I stay here if I’m the one paying? Maybe not.

Considering the situation in West Africa today, the location of this hotel is very ideal. Away from the city. It is also gated so more secure. There are only a few occupants so most likely it wouldn’t be a target for those terrorists who need attention.

Rating: 🔧🔧🔧🔧

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