Through The Lens: Hopia, Mani, Popcorn

Uganda has a very centralized system. Majority of the malls/outlets can only be found in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. I’m currently based in Mbale. Roughly three to six hours from Kampala depending on the mode of transportation but I normally take the bus so it’s six hours of travel for me.


I love to travel but traveling in Uganda is so stressful. There’s no air conditioned bus (from Mbale) and they only have these “mini buses” which is a hassle for a big man like me. But you know what’s the redeeming quality of public transportation in Uganda? The bus stops.

In a six hour travel, the bus can stop at least five times and it’s mostly for food. Bus stops in Uganda are very amusing. They offer a variety of products from BBQ, grilled plantain, sodas, jackfruits, chapatis to live chicken. They also differ depending on the region. So you can just buy direct from the bus window. And fret not, there’s a lot of them so food is enough for everyone. The bus food culture in Uganda is really big. The bus also provides trash bins placed strategically along the aisle. They also have table napkins for you just in case.

My favorite is the grilled plantain which costs a thousand Ugandan Shillings for three pieces. I don’t know but this reminds me of our mine site in Burkina where we always eat plantain for lunch. Also they’re pretty damn good so you can’t blame me.

Canon A1
Fujicolor C200
December 2017

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