Testsie Roll: CineStill 800T | Nikon F3 | Japan

Hi guys! Sorry for ghosting you for more than a year. There’s just too much going on with my life right now. Also, the world is in chaos so there’s that.

Continuing with my Testsie Roll series where I try different film stocks and just dump them in here. So here’s my new entry: Cinestill 800T (Tungsten balanced) shot with my new film camera, the Nikon F3.

Just a background: this is my first time shooting with this film. Actually I bought a Cinestill 50D when I was just starting four years ago. I just shot it recently but the lab ruined my roll. Or maybe I ruined my roll because I didn’t store it properly. Only Gahd knows. But I’ll put some sample photos below:

I went to two different locations specifically to try out this film stock. First, I thought about shooting indoors because I don’t know because I’m an introvert? I went to Kadokawa Musashino Museum in Saitama. The building is iconic because it’s designed by Kengo Kuma and Associates. I didn’t take a lot of photos outside because it was raining and my lens is not wide enough. And below are the photos:

After a couple hours in Kadokawa Musahino Museum, I decided to go to Shibuya to take outdoor photos this time. Still raining so I thought the rain puddles will make some magic in the photos. There are too many people so my introverted self is panicking but I got over it and took some photos still.

I really loved how the photos turned out. I just shot this on box speed (ISO 800). I scanned the negatives myself. I just used the contact sheet from Kitamura camera to base the color of my photos. I’m not really sure if I will shoot with Cinestill 800T again because it’s too expensive for me. Around JPY2800 for 36 exposures or around USD25.

I will be posting more blog posts soon. I really need some distraction with my life right now.

4 thoughts on “Testsie Roll: CineStill 800T | Nikon F3 | Japan

  1. didnt know you moved to Japan! bet it’s better there. better quality cameras to choose/buy from!

    The last post I saw about your street photography walks were when you were still in Kenya! Will definitely wait for more photography walks and posts from you soon. 👍🏻

  2. Yessss. Almost two years ago. I stopped blogging for awhile because you know life. I’ll try to post more soon. Thank you!

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