Testsie Roll: Expired Centuria 400

Hi! It’s me. Just writing this post to let you know that I’m still alive. I’ve been really busy most of the year. I know, the pandemic could’ve brought countless blog posts but can you blame me if it’s easier to watch Netflix than to write about my thoughts?

So yeah, I will be continuing my Testsie Roll Series where I get to share my film photos one roll at a time. For this Testsie Roll, I used a Minolta X700 and an expired Centuria 400 film.

There was a time that I prefer shooting expired films but right now, I tend to distance from them because I rarely travel now and I can’t risk my photos to come out almost blank like what happened with one of my rolls from my trip to Osaka last year.

All these photos were taken last year in Uganda and I divided them into three groups.
A. My Doge, Oreo
B. Random Uganda Shots
C. Sofar Sounds

I really miss this -the life when we can freely go out. I miss taking photos. I hope this pandemic ends soon.

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