Pill Pilsen | Story Time

I drink a lot but I don’t consider myself an alcoholic.

I can say that my stay in college was wild in terms of drinking. I can’t remember really how I got hooked in drinking. But one thing that I’m really sure is that it was fun.

When I was still young, I can remember during celebrations (birthdays, reunions, etc) my father together with my other relatives would be at the backyard crowding a little table drinking hard liquor. I despise him for that. Maybe I can imagine that if he drives us home, we would get into an accident and we would die without a chance. Yeah. Too much cartoons. But compared to my drinking during my college years, I’m worst. There came to a point that we would drink every night. We’d go to a bar or to my friends and drink. We even drink in between classes or during class. During our majors, we would have a 2-4 hours break. So we would go out of the campus and to our suking karinderya (ehem La Berta and Daintee) and drink during our break. It’s illegal but we can’t help it. We’re just a bunch of troubled teenagers.

Last day of college drinking session. Drinking because we’re all afraid of the real world. And unemployment. March 19, 2013

When I started working, the drinking was reduced to occasional. I stayed in the training center dormitory with a bunch of dudes who have the same relationship with alcohol as I do. We still have that secret rooftop sessions but not that frequent anymore. One time, our stash got confiscated by the security guard. Some of us went out to buy more because it was bitin. They were really tipsy and very evident when on a bike. They also have backpacks. So the suspicion is inevitable. 11pm. On a bike. With a backpack. Wow.

I don’t throw up that often. Maybe less than 10 times in my entire drinking career. But one of my most  embarrassing vomiting episode happened in one of the 7-11s in Session Road, Baguio City. I was pretty drunk. Together with my friends, we went to 7-11 just near the bar. I grabbed those hotdogs in a bun. Paid and ate it immediately in the store. After a few painful seconds. I vomited it all. You know what’s cringe-worthy, I was the one who cleaned my mess up. It’s my first time. Cleaning. JK. Normally, I would just throw up in the toilet or in the middle of Malcolm Square in Baguio. Lesson learned: 7-11 hotdogs are not a good drunk food.

Fresh out of a major exam. 

I still drink but just beer because this is the only available here on site. Every dinner, we are entitled with a free drink. Coca or beer. I would always take the latter. So every after work, i would just sit in a corner with my ice-cold beer while contemplating on life. I know, so nakakatatay. Actually, this is what I’ve imagined before but with a slight difference. Going home with a fridgeful of beers and microwavable foods. Sit in the darkest part of my condo and just drink the night away. Yeah. This being alone thingy just grew on me.

This blog post was supposed to be about drugs thus the title but I love my alcohol. Drugs, maybe next time.

5 thoughts on “Pill Pilsen | Story Time

  1. I think everyone has that -one- time where they had one too many… 😉 But I think it’s great that you had a period in your life where you could “sow your wild oats” so to speak. As “square”/nerdy as this sounds, it’s actually healthy to go a bit wild when you’re young. Then you can focus on the next chapter of your life. I enjoyed reading it and can’t wait to hear more! 🙂

  2. Thank you. Yeah. I think so too. It’s better to go a bit wild when we are still young than be wild later in life. Learn the lessons early, apply it later.

  3. ganun talaga pag nagkaka edad…umiinom na lang para magchill at hindi na yung basagan talaga ha ha….

    dapat kasi goto ata or bulalo ang kinakain after inom diba? hindi hotdog hahahaha

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