So I just made a YouTube account. I’m planning of uploading like vlogs, travel videos, challenges etc.

One of my dreams is to travel. And with that dream, to share my experience and (mis)adventures to the world. I don’t have a Facebook account as of the moment and my only option is Youtube. Well, there’s Vimeo but who watches Vimeo these days?

As of writing, I’ve uploaded 5 videos already.


Room Tour in Burkina Faso | TGMvlogs. If you’re an old-timer in this blog, you would know that I’m working in Africa and I live in a mine site. We don’t have the comfort of a home but it’s bearable. So with this video, I’ll tour you in my temporary home.

Month Long

A Month-long Travel | Philippines – Malaysia – Cambodia | TGMtravels. This video is a compilation of my travels last March 2016. With my GoPro, I traveled some places in the Philippines, Kuala Lumpur and Siem Reap. This trip may be short but the fun is endless.

Medyo Dokyu

Medyo Dokyu (Japan Random Video Project) | TGMtravels. These footage is from way back 2014 when I went to Japan for training. Just random clips to share my Japan experience.

Goree Is

Île de Gorée (Senegal) | TGMtravels . Last June 2015, we visited this Island which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many famous people set foot on this island including President Barack Obama, the Pope and Nelson Mandela. This island played a role during the slave trades back in the day.

Road Trip

Road Trip (West African Village Tour) | TGMvlogs. Another vlog. It’s a Sunday so it’s my rest day. I decided to visit the village to have a haircut and tour you to a typical West African Village.

I still don’t have a lot of following now but I just love to make videos like these. It relaxes my mind. And also, I want to share my experience here in Africa not only through my writings but with the vlogs.

If you want to subscribe to my Youtube Channel, please click here.

To view the videos, just click on the title before the descriptions above.

Thank you very much!

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