Dark Clouds Overhead

I haven’t blogged in a while now. I’ve been very busy adulting to earn some dough for my future travels. My original target is to post a couple of posts in a week but I failed. I’m such a disappointment. I can even see my mother in heaven shaking her head now. You see, there’s nothing wrong with adulting. We’ve been preparing for this since … Continue reading Dark Clouds Overhead

Pokémon GO et Dakar, Senegal Tour

The hype of Pokémon GO is very real. I don’t know in Facebook but in Instagram, it’s as if everyone is training to be the best Pokémon Master ever. Pokémon is a game very close to my heart. I started playing Pokémon with my good ol’ Nintendo Gameboy in the 2nd grade and played through high school. Actually, this is one of the few video … Continue reading Pokémon GO et Dakar, Senegal Tour