Lifestyle Change

I’m used to working non-stop. In my last site, I work from 5:30 to 16:30. That’s Monday through Saturday. My work load in that minesite in Burkina Faso was  not a joke. I get just enough energy to eat dinner and that’s about it.

Haggardo Versoza days in Burkina Faso

Fast forward to my site here in Uganda. I barely do anything. For this month, I spent more than 80% of my time at home/office. Nothing to do. So I got anxious. I’m not used to this life. Some may see this as a blessing. I’m getting mg full salary, and with minimum work load. But not me. I hate my situation right here. This means more time to overthink for me.

Trainer in Uganda

So I decided to take the weekend off to the city. Traveled from Gulu to Kampala on Friday night. That’s a 5-hour bus ride. I arrived in Kampala at around 3AM. Took an Uber from the terminal to the hotel. Nothing special but my Uber driver was too exhausted and I can feel him dozing off while driving. Almost hit some boda-bodas and hit the gutter. Yes, near misses but nothing serious. We got lost too. So I decided to just walk to the hotel with the help of Google Maps.

Acacia City Residences, Kampala, Uganda

I’m planning on changing my lifestyle too. I took this opportunity to splurge on the things that I will miss for sure when I turn my lifestyle upside down. I visited some of my favorite restaurants and coffee shops, did some shopping, and watched a movie.

Yujo Isakaya, Kampala, Uganda. My favorite Japanese Restaurant in Uganda.

Well, that’s about it. My only guilty pleasure aside from binge-watching netflix shows is my eating. So I started a healthier lifestyle since Monday. I’ve been cooking my own healthier meals and decided to finally join a gym. I also stopped smoking. That’s a stretch I know but I need to live healthy now. I’m not getting any younger.

Some random coffee shop in UG
Iced Mocha + Reading

Currently, my body is sore after two days of going to the gym. Missed today’s session because we’re watching the second season of shooter. I wouldn’t miss this for the world. Well grabbed this chance before the power goes out again. Also, I have this app that I use for meditation that I’m dying to use again. I need a healthy mind too.

I hope all these plans go well. I really need to shed all this excess weight. I really want to go topless on my next beach vacation. I’m eyeing Bali, Indonesia next year. Well, I have 9 months left and every moment counts.

10 thoughts on “Lifestyle Change

  1. Hey, great post! Good luck with everything, changing your lifestyle can be difficult at first, but so rewarding. Your body will definitely thank you for it though 😊

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